Weight Solutions

Obesity has been around forever but, unfortunately, more and more people are suffering needlessly. We know the consequences of obesity are terrible. Besides the physical aspects like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer, social stigma abound.

Inability to fit into an airplane seat, ride an amusement park attraction with a child, and go for walks with a spouse can be just as upsetting in day to day living. We want the best life has to offer and weight stands in the way.

There are solutions. With the dedicated help of an experienced, compassionate physician, goals can be achieved. Treatments for obesity are improving. Nutritional supplements, medications, counseling, and support comprise Dr. Powell’s comprehensive approach.

If necessary, the new surgical techniques are also an option. Dr. Powell can explain these as well as arrange for consultation and referral to top bariatric surgeons in our area. Dr. Powell prepares her patients beforehand and monitors them after the procedure.

Who is Overweight?

Overweight refers to an excess of body weight compared to set standards. The excess weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water.

Obesity refers specifically to having an abnormally high proportion of body fat.

A person can be overweight without being obese, as in the example of a bodybuilder or other athlete who has a lot of muscle. However, many people who are overweight are also obese.

At A Plus Image, we offer several ways to help you manage your weight: