The Accent® provides controlled radio frequency energy using Unipolar and Bipolar handpieces, for deep (up to 20mm) and superficial (2-4mm) penetration of RF field, respectively. The Accent RF Unipolar handpiece alleviates cellulite symptoms by means of three major mechanisms: (1) Dermal tightening of the fibrous septae due to thermal injury affecting the vasculature, which in turn initiates a cascade of inflammatory events, including fibroblastic proliferation and apparent up-regulation of collagen expression (neocollagenesis/remodeling); (2) Enhancement of local blood circulation (vasodilatation and hyperemia) and drainage of fatty deposits to the lymphatic system; and (3) fatty acid dissolution and thermal-induced fat cell apoptosis. In addition, the Bipolar handpiece promotes local dermal heating and subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue and a tightening of the skin.

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